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Riding Tips:

1) If you are going to use your Phone for GPS make sure you have a way to charge it. You may need it for Emergency use. If you have a battery tender pigtail hooked up to your battery, BATTERY TENDER now has a USB devise that you can plug into the pigtail to charge your phone.

2) After you have called for Emergency or Roadside Assistance, they may need to call you back for more information of your location. Answer the phone.                                                                                

3) Make sure your phone is secure and cannot fall out of it's holder or if you were to go down is not in a pocket where it could get damaged.

4) Learn how to do a Screen Capture on your phone and how to pin point your location on your Map App on your phone. By taking a Screen Capture of your screen in the Map App you will be able to Text it to me or another Tow Truck Driver if you are in an area you are not familiar with. Give landmarks like Mile Markers, Addresses, Store Names, etc... Anything that will make it easier to find you.       Keep in mind that unless you are talking to me or a Local Towing Company, Roadside Assistance Call Takers/Dispatchers are not local and do not know the area. The more location information you can give them the easier it is going to be for them to tell me where you are

5) Put your registration information in a Zip Lock bag under the Seat or Side Case to keep it dry. Also in case of Accident, have contact information with the Registration. 

6) Make sure you carry extra bottles of water and sealed energy bars or something to eat if you get stranded and have to wait a few hours or even overnight before help arrives.

7) A tire plug kit and portable compressor might get you off the side of the road. Stop and Go makes a "Small" air compressor and plug kit that works very well. It saved me one day. Also carry a small tool kit to make minor repairs.

                REVER is a great APP for trip logging. It's free! and can be loaded to facebook for bragging rights.

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